Sunday, 8 July 2012

Kent Holiday June 2012 - Trips to the North East coast

Went by train via Ashford to the North East coast, to visit Deal and Walmer, Broadstairs, and Sandwich.

Deal has a pier  - not the prettiest I've ever seen so I couldn't help thinking "I'd expect a good 'Deal' more from a pier", but the fishing boats on the beach were unexpected and made up for it. Walked along the beach to Walmer to visit Walmer Castle & Gardens.

Viking Bay at Broadstairs is very picturesque, with "Bleak House" where Charles Dickens wrote several of his famous novels. Botany Bay at Broadstairs is a strange but interesting beach with chalk sea stacks and big ships on the horizon.

Sandwich is inland beside the River Stour, and is described as "the most complete medieval town in England", but I was disappointed by the small number of old buildings. The best feature for me was the Secret Gardens.

While at Ashford station each day I was treated to 3 Eurostar trains hurtling through within about 15 minutes (once I realised one was coming, I had less than 5 seconds to get ready to capture the other end disappearing into the distance), a Eurostar service departing for Paris, and the High Speed Trains on the service from Kent to London St Pancras.

Eurostar hurtling through

Boats at Deal

Alien flowers

Tiny frogs


Viking Bay Broadstairs

Bleak House is the tall brown castellated building

Novel beach hut design

Beach huts at nearby Louisa Bay
Botany Bay Broadstairs

Sandwich River Stour

The Secret Gardens

Spot the bee

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