Sunday, 29 April 2012

Spring Holiday in Chichester (2) April 2012

Week in Chichester - visit to Earnleigh Butterfly Centre, to walk amongst butterflies flying freely ... 

Some landed frequently on easy-to-reach flowers and were easy to get pics of, but some were more elusive and required a lot of patience, especially the Owl butterflies. They have the eye marking on the underside of the wing - which is visible when they hold their wings together, and they are blue on the top of the wing - which is only visible when they are flying, and when they hold their wings apart when resting (which is very briefly).  I was starting to get the blues because I couldn't get the blues, and then suddenly one landed on a blue fence beside me (bad choice of background colour), and then soon after one landed on a rock beside me!

This is my favourite picture
Owl Butterfly - in this position you'd have no idea its wings are blue

A blue at last!

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